Landscaping Your Home with Artificial Grass

Article Written by : Furniture Your Way
Artificial grass has become a popular landscaping solution for homeowners across the nation. Homeowners use it to create everything from beautiful front lawns to water-wise gardens. Many people prefer fake grass over the real stuff because it’s much easier to maintain. Fake grass doesn’t need water, mowing, or fertilizers. Many love it because it’s durable. It doesn’t get muddy in the rain or easily destroyed by heavy foot traffic. Still, others choose synthetic grass over natural lawns because it’s healthier for the environment and cuts costs on energy bills.

But consumers who are new to synthetic grass might have a few questions about the product. Sure, it might not require maintenance, but does it look nice? How does it feel? Are there different options on the market? Can you purchase artificial grass wholesale? And does it really stand up to the outdoor elements? If you’re new to synthetic grass, here’s a primer on the most advanced residential synthetic turf that is available on the market today.

Synthetic turf looks real. Perhaps the most important concern for homeowners interested in installing fake turf is its appearance. After all, a nice lawn is supposed to add curb appeal not take away from the beauty of the home. Rest assured, however, the latest synthetic turf product designed for residential use looks like natural grass. How? It’s made with 100 percent dual-color polyethylene that is 100 microns thick with a second thatch of texturized polyethylene. This combination produces fibers that look like natural grass blades. What’s more, a crumb rubber infill will help the blades stand up and look like natural standing grass.

Artificial grass feels like natural grass. Makers of synthetic turf thought about everything when they crafted residential turf, including the way it feels. When you walk on fake grass, it’s soft and forgiving. It doesn’t feel like hard plastic the way it used to feel back in the 60s and 70s when it first came on the market.  You can also add a crumb rubber infill solution if you want to emulate the feeling of soil when walked on.

Fake grass is made for the great outdoors. Rain, heat, and heavy foot traffic are not match for residential-grad synthetic turf. When it comes to rain, the turf is equipped with a drainage capacity of 30 inches an hour. Residential synthetic turf is also 100 percent UV resilient, which means it can be installed in direct sunlight. In extreme heat, it’s easy to cool down the turf by spraying a little water.

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