Simple Ways to Update Your Teen’s Room

Article Written by : Do It Yourself Swimming Pool

Does your teen’s bedroom need a makeover? Every teen needs a safe retreat from the world, a comfortable place where they can unwind and hang out with their friends. For many teens this place is their bedroom. But as children grow into their adolescent years, what was once a fun and comfortable bedroom might seem too childish for them now. The solution? A bedroom makeover!

If it’s time to update your teen’s room, don’t worry. Transforming your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a huge project. In fact, you can update the look and feel of their room without spending a lot of time and money. Get inspired by these simple and affordable decorating ideas for your teen’s bedroom.

Invest in a new bedding collection. Get rid of the cartoon sheets and bed sets. It’s time for a stylish bed set that doesn’t scream baby. A new bed set is a simple and cost-effective way to transform your child’s room without going overboard. There are many styles of bedding collections to choose from, making it easy to find a set your teen will love.

If you want a collection that will take your teen from adolescents into adulthood, consider simple classic styles. You might also want to invest in designer sets such as Tommy Hilfiger bedding. Bright colors add cheer and energy while whites and neutral shades add calmness to the room. Another tip to choosing a new bedding collection is to buy an entire set, including a comforter and matching pillow shams. An entire set will add more character to the room than a single bed cover.

Purchase new curtains. Does your teen have old curtain? Do they feature childish motifs? It’s time to get new ones. In addition to bedding, new curtains will instantly update a child’s room. Consider buying modern curtains that match the bedding. While you don’t have to buy the exact pattern or motif, complement the bedding by matching the same primary color. New curtains are affordable and easy to install, which means you can add new bedding and curtains all in a single day.

Buy statement furniture pieces. You don’t have to purchase all new furniture to change your child’s room. In fact, you might want to keep family heirlooms or investment pieces you bought while your child was young. But a few new statement pieces will go a long way. To save time and money, consider going to garage sales or flea markets to find statement pieces such as a unique nightstand, antique bench, or shabby chic mirror. Add a few new pieces and mix and match for an eclectic look that will change the room and reflect your teen’s sense of style.

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