3 Myths Associated With Home Insulation

Article Written by : Synthetic Wicker Rattan

Without a doubt, home insulation is a costly affair. Even if there are obvious benefits, people tend to hesitate to insulate their homes due to several myths. This is especially necessary if they live in a hot or cold region.

Here are 3 myths associated with home insulation:

 1: Energy Efficient Equipment Is Enough

Some people are of the opinion that energy-efficient equipment will prevent the loss of energy. As a result, the costs associated with consuming energy will reduce too. This is incorrect since the costs are only reduced minimally. Also, the cost of installing such equipment involves money. If that’s not enough, if you do not install this equipment properly, you will end up spending some more.

2: Using the Ceiling Fan and Thermostat is Enough

People believe that both the ceiling fan as well as the thermostat can be run to either cool or heat the house in the absence of other people. Unfortunately, this isn’t true since fans have not been designed to cool the home while thermostats do not heat their home any further after a certain temperature has been reached. Yet it’s clear that there is no basis for such beliefs.

3: Turn Off Equipment to Reduce Consumption of Power

Another popular belief is that if you turn off electrical equipment, this will consume less power. Hence, if this approach is taken, there is no need for insulation at all. In fact, nothing can be further from the truth. Electrical equipment such as the refrigerators, air conditioners and generators need a constant supply of power. There are others that will consume power even if it is turned off too. Unfortunately, turning off electrical equipment will not reduce the electricity bill either.

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