Locking mailboxes: Buyers guide

When you combine the information about you online and what a thief can extract from your mail, the potential end-result is quite frightening. Never before in our history has so much information about our lives being public the way it is now. The current situation is perfect for identity theft and financial fraud. The two ways we can reduce that exposure is to reduce our footprint on social media and to secure out mail. Here is a quick primer on securing your mail by California Mailboxes:

There are two types of locking mailboxes; the first is one that mounts directly on your home, garage or wall post. The other site is curbside on a post or structure. You can decide on how much security you want by deciding on the placement of the mailbox. Curbside mailboxes can be more vulnerable than those mounted on your house. Note that you require permission from the USPS to move your mailbox from its current location.

Aside from the placement, there are a few other factors that determine the make and model of security mailboxes. The first is the type of mail. If you get more letters than parcels, then you can manage with a smaller mailbox. Another factor is the quantity. The more mail you get, the larger your mailbox requirement.

When it comes to cost, spend as much as your budget allows as the security of your mail, and your identity is worth the additional cost.


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