How to Organize your Closet

Article Written by : Healthy Landscapes

Organize your closet space and maximize its efficiency.

Closets have a tendency to get pretty messy over time. If you don’t keep up with the routine cleaning, it can end up looking like a train wreck. Here are some ways you can stay on top of your closet organization.

Clear it All Out

Take out the clothes you do not wear or need anymore. It’s straightforward but will clear out the bulk of your closet. Find an empty room and dump everything inside there. Later on, you can sort them out and have any last minute make ups.

Group by Seasons

Sorting your clothes by season is always a great way to stay organized. By taking every piece of clothing and determining which season is best for it, you will struggle less when you are looking for a specific outfit. Utilize the space on your closet shelving systems for seasonal shoes and boots. You wouldn’t wear snow boots in the summer time, so why keep them next to your running shoes?

Don’t Mix Work and Play

Separate your work clothes from your casual clothes. It is optimal because you can separate the styles like jeans from trousers. If you are late for work, you can quickly match whatever style you would like and put together an outfit in no time. Closet systems are usually customizable so that gives you more freedom to determine what goes where. If you need more space for suits, you can allow your systems to have a more open look, therefore accenting your suits and providing adequate storage without having to scavenge through everything.

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