Types of Furniture That Look Great on Your Patio

Are you having trouble choosing furniture for your patio? There are many suitable options to choose from that can elevate your patio from a mere backyard to a pleasant, appealing outdoor living space. Here are a few furniture styles that you may be interested in.

Aluminum furniture

Aluminum may sound like a dull material for furniture, but you’d be surprised what artisans can accomplish by twisting aluminum into elegant Victorian-style patterns. Furthermore, aluminum is light, non-corrosive, and easy to transport. If you prefer a classier, opulent aesthetic, aluminum might be perfect for your patio.

Teak furniture

If you like wood furniture, you’ll probably be disappointed with most wood furniture’s unsuitability for outdoor use. Most wood furniture’s color can be faded by the sun’s UV rays and wood may swell and rot when exposed to rain and moisture. However, there is one type of wood that is tough and hardy enough to survive the outdoors. Teak is a type of wood used in ships and boats, which means it has the durability to survive moisture and intense sunlight. Teak furniture is generally simple, but it can be used to complement a modern, minimalistic aesthetic.

Wicker patio furniture

Wicker patio furniture has become a popular choice for its versatility and unique weaved appearance. Retailers such as Wicker Paradise carry a variety of outdoor wicker products that replicate the appearance of weaved plant-based materials despite being made from synthetic wicker. Outdoor wicker’s synthetic construction allows it to resist sunlight, moisture, and the buildup of damaging microorganisms such as mold and mildew.

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