How to Order Custom Cushions?

Not all cushions are the same shape or size many cushions are odd sizes and shapes. It is necessary to find a foam supplier that can offer quality foam in the density, shape, and size that you require. Once you have found a company that can assist you several things need to be done to ensure that you receive the correct custom cushion.

You will need to apply for a quote. Visit the website of the company and enter the dimensions of your cushion.

If you cannot find your shape in the options then contact the company directly and explain that you need a custom cushion manufactured.

Once the company has the measurements they can offer to cover the custom cushion in any color and fabric of your choice.

Once you have locked in your order for a customized cushion there are no returns due to the customization, only if there is a defect with the product it can be returned.

some parameters need to be taken into consideration when ordering your custom cushions, and manufacturing tolerances, however, the company is willing to meet your unique needs if they fall outside of these standards for machine-cut foam.

Custom cushions are available in any size or thickness these qualified and innovative foam technicians will glue pieces together to meet your requirements.

From these points, it is obvious that companies that supply high-grade foam for cushions have the skills and capabilities to custom make any shape or size and cover it for their customers.

Foam Factory is a reputable and dependable company offering sturdy and comfortable foam replacement options which include: Eggcrate Foam, Memory Foam, Standard Foam, and several other options available onsite. They are renowned for their high-quality products and the ability to customize cushions of any shape and size.

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