How to Decorate a Room with a High Ceiling

Summary: High ceilings can be a blessing for interior designers. Here are some tips that’ll give your room that added “kick”.

Almost every homeowner wants that extra space. But, when that extra space comes out to be in a vertical fashion, it can leave you with some interesting challenges. Here are some design tips to maximize the beauty of your high ceilings.

Artwork Blends Beautifully

Hanging art and other decorative items high up on the wall will draw the eye upwards and create an astounding visual effect. Whatever you hang, it needs to tie in with the rest of the room so be creative but don’t go overboard.

Hang a Light Fixture

Light fixtures that are hung in a prominent location is an ideal way to connect the ceiling height to the lower portion of the room. Wherever you hang it will depend no the type of room that you have but centering it in the middle is ideal. Try and find something that’s large but not heavy as it’ll exaggerate the deco a bit too much.

Blend Both Parts Together

By taking furniture pieces that match the artwork that you have above, you’ll create a seamless blend that’ll look both intriguing and visually stunning. Neutral colors tend to be the easiest to work with, but feel free to experiment. For instance, say you have some throw pillows that are grey, try and incorporate some art pieces that have a neutral color palette, so it provides a unique look without straying too far from your color choices.

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