How to choose the right cushions

Written by The Foam Factory

Go to most households and you will find that the sofa is several years old. In some cases, people have sofas for decades. How can you tell? The seats sag, the cushions are thin and lumpy and there are signs that the upholstery is starting to shred. However, changing that cushion foam might not be as simple as you think. There are three ways to look at fixing that sofa cushioning:

All foam

This is the most common but also the least comfortable of all the options. Different manufacturers have different ways of describing each of these options, but this option is entirely foam. The core of the cushion is high-density foam. We wrap this core with egg-create foam. A layer of polyester fiber wrap provides a little more comfort. Typically replacement cushions are all foam.

Spring down

This is the second option. It is not as soft as the third option but is more comfortable than the all foam method. In this, the core consists of coiled springs. This core is inside a foam box that is wrapped with a thick layer of polyester fiber. This goes into a down-proof cover.


This is the most comfortable of the three options and feels soft and luxurious. The core material here is a thinner foam wrapped with a thick layer of polyester fiber. On top of this sites a layer of blended poly fiber and down. These feel and act much like pillows.


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